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It's been said before- design is not glamorous. I have worked in many fabulous and not so fabulous offices in my illustrious design career. From light filled studios in a scary part of Toronto; to the 6th floor of the Rockefeller Center (overlooking Matt and Katie do their daily Today Show thang); to a windowless office attached to a parking garage- every single job I have had has brought me not only great work experience but also, an ability to be flexible and erase any expectations when it comes to where my design genius happens.

This year the need for more space and a need for simplicity and silence (as I work on my little design book project...more to follow later!) prompted me to seek out a separate 'work' space. I had some basic criteria.

1.  Has to be walkable from my house

2. Has to be close to the kids' school

3. Has to be inexpensive and charming

4. Has to have parking

Living in South Beach, I knew that #4 was going to be a long shot- but I started my search and found a perfect spot to call home. But not without first giving it a little love. Watch what happens here when I convert this 497 sf space into the perfect working mom cave...stand by.