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HD Expo 2014: IIDA Awards

I have to be honest. Las Vegas is one of those places that has never ever never never ever been on my radar because to me, Vegas is a Carnival Cruise meets Times Square, multiplied by a thousand. Consumerism at America's best with 24-hour flash and over designed spaces reminiscent of a first year design school project (twenty finishes in one space, anyone?) and just about as much class as an abandoned school house.

Judging Design

On September 6-7, I travelled to Chicago to be a part of the esteemed judging panel for IIDA's Best of Asia Awards. It was great fun to see so many fantastic commercial and residential projects from international firms including Yabu Pushelberg, Gensler, Stephen Yeung and many more- and it was also great to critique their viability for Honorable Mention and Best of Category awards.  

Thanks to Dennis Krause (IIDA Sr. VP) and Cheryl Durst (IIDA CEO) for inviting me to be a part of the exciting challenge! It was an honor and I was flattered to give my two cents!

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